Yi Sang in Paris

Yi Sang in Paris is a joint project of La Générale and Lab201, which takes place in Paris and in Seoul, celebrating Yi Sang’s centennial.

In this international exchange project, we will not only consider the important literary aspects of Yi Sang’s works , but we will try to go further, trying to reinterpretate them in the fields of sciences, architecture, and visual / performing arts. This project will feature exhibitions, performances, concerts, lectures, workshops, publications, both in Seoul and Paris.


Yi Sang is a major icon of Korean culture, but remains largely ignored outside of Korea, probably due to the difficulty of translation.

Trained as an architect and a painter, his works cannot be fully understood if limited to the conventional literary context. Furthermore, his poems are based on an understanding of modern physics and mathematics, they deal with the structure of space-time, and feature an important visual content.

These caracteristics are now prevalent in contemporary art. Our goal is to pay tribute to Yi Sang and to make his works more well known, especialy abroad, through the reinterpretation / translation in the language of contemporary arts. This will be done with the help of korean and non-korean artists.

Exhibition & concerts

The originality of Yi Sang’s poems will be experimented in various fields, such as visual art, architecture, music. The poems will be used a starting point for the work of the artists.

Lectures & workshops

Lectures and workshops in the field of humane and natural sciences will pursue cultural communication with thinkers and artists of Europe and Korea.

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